Data virtualization

The implementation of Data virtualization solutions brings to the organizations the required agility to the management of the same ones, because it implies a dynamic approach which allows the combination of data from the different sources, consulting optimization and implementation of data abstraction functionalities, which gives a fastest and stronger delivery of results.

Cisco Data Virtualization

Cisco Data Virtualization is a very agile data integration software platform which makes access to the different data sources easier, regardless of their location. This way, thanks to the provision of a “unified vision” of all the business data ,it is possible to increase the global value obtained in the IT environment exploitation, improving significantly the decision-making process and the agility of the response.

Cisco’s platform optimizes the consulting, execution and connectivity infrastructures in the access to the different data sources. Through it, users can access and consult the different types of information existing on the network, as all of them were at the same place, and without data physic movement.

This kind of approach allows a higher agility focus for the business,at the same time that it gives a higher flexibility in terms of IT and a significant saving regarding associated costs.

Cisco Data Virtualization provides:

Fast integration of data from several sources

Optimization of the consultations through algorithms and techniques that give correct information in time and format, without affecting the general performance of the original environment of the data.

Abstraction, to solve the absence of a direct correspondence between the business requirements and the format of the original data, through the creation of “business views”. The “business views” facilitate to users the instantaneous access to the data they need, while they are still alienated from the complexity of the subjacent technique.

Cisco's Data Virtualization solution allows:

Better business decisions
Obtaining a higher value thanks to the use of all the data. The platform gives all the areas of the organization the capacity to access immediately to the data required the way they need.
Higher agility
Responding, with a higher rapidity, to the changing requirements of data by business intelligence and business analytics environments. Cisco’s Data Virtualization technology reduces between 5 and 10 times the solution required implementation time, in comparison to the use of traditional data integration technologies.
Costs reduction
Overall savings between the 50% and the 75%, thanks to the lack of data replication. Through the data consolidation, the Data Virtualization option enables to take the maximum advantage of servers and storage of the existent infrastructure.
Improvement of the overall efficiency
The Cisco Data Virtualization suite includes a simple and powerful interface which allows reaching higher productivity and efficiency levels in the development of personalized views of data.

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