The objective of dLife is to improve the medical decision making support processes on the clinical field as well as the patients' diagnosis, treatment and evolution processes.
It is include within the new generation solutions that respond to the Evidence-based Medicine taking a further step forwards the real personalized medicine.

Clinical reasoning automation

The power of modeling any disease, finding cause-effect relations among the medical indicators and probabilistically determining the best option/action to take with each patient is what enables dLife to provide an accurate and fast clinical reasoning automation .

Powerful predictive engine

By means of a strong, powerful and scalable predictive intelligence engine it is possible to monitor dozens of pathologies and thousands of patients that can be distribute among different hospitals.

Advanced Patients' Simulator

dLife offers an advanced patients simulator that provides very precise probabilistic predictive results about the evolution of each patient affected by any pathology, the result of applying a specific treatment or the optimization thereof. This represents a breakthrough for the personalized medicine by providing an individualized vision of each patient and specific pathology.

Groundbreaking patholigies' Analysis that allows to:

  • Build models that efficiently and accurately simulate situations in scenarios where, usually, the information is partially available or the evidence is inaccurate
  • Explain quantitatively and vigorously the relation between the causes and the effects through an highly intuitive graphical representation
  • Automate the reasoning providing support to the clinical decision making processes in each specific patient's field

Protocols' Visual Modeling

dLife represents advancement for healthcare professionals since it allows the graphic definition and automation of each patient analysis depending on theis specific medical conditions and the protocols.

Why choose dLife?



Possibility to model any situation (pathology, dosage..) in real time


The objective of dLife is not to equal clinical experts' accuracy but to surpass it


dLife executes learning algorithms directly over data

Explanatory mode

The most important variables for prediction provision are offered


  • Improvement of the health care practice
  • Improvement of patients' expectations
  • Increase of a 20% in the accuracy and efficiency levels of the health provision, even with non-precise known evidences
  • Any pathology can be modeled, it is specially advisable for the ones that might produce painful secondary effects and/or a very expensive treatment
  • Anticipation of the probable patient's evolution
  • Reduction of the secondary effects thanks to treatment optimization
  • Healthcare costs optimization:
    • Request of the really needed medical tests
    • Decrease of the number of claims
    • Drug costs savings
  • Improvements on the clinical and pharmaceutical research:
    • Step forward the personalized medicine
    • Patients focus and increase their satisfaction
    • Orientation to anticipation and prevention
    • Quality improvement in medical care and information provided to the patient


  • Hepatitis C: response to treatment prediction
  • Hepatitis C: medical record management
  • Infertility: multiple pregnancy prediction
  • Infertility: dose on stimulation and multiple pregnancy
  • Dose adjustment on medicines
  • Validations of studies
  • Possibility of finding other investigation areas
  • Spread of an epidemic

dLife: Medical decision making support (Hospital Universitario La Princesa)

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