IBO sense

Ibo-Sense is an analytic tool able to obtain accurate predictions about stock market behavior through the analysis of the feelings in media and social networks and its subsequent modeling with datamining.

Thanks to is basis of natural language processing algorithms and data mining, this pure behavioral finance model is reaching high accuracy level percentages.


1. Tracking of all the information published in media, digital press and social networks about "Ibex 35" obtaining, through natural language processing algorithms (PLN), the feeling of those communications.

2. Information modelling and obtainment of the oscillation probability of the next trading session through the Bayesian network algorithms datamining platform created by Apara,dVelox.

3. Validation of results through machine learning algorithms, so that the model evolve and learn from the mistakes made.

Apara is a company born in 2002 with 100% Spanish capital as a spin-off of the Quality and Technology Group. More than fifteen years of experience in Predictive Analytics and Business Intelligence prove its success. Apara has developed dVelox, the first Spanish business platform regarding Predictive Analytics mentioned by Gartner in more than 15 reports. 

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